Many travelers prefer getting a visa at Vietnam airports for its convenience and simplicity. And to get this type of visa for Vietnam, they need to follow the visa procedure at Vietnam airports. Here are some guide for those getting a visa at the International Airports of Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, and Noi Bai.

How to get Ho Chi Minh City visa on arrival (VOA) at Tan Son Nhat airport

Documents need to be prepared before flying to Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat international border gate

  • Passport of foreigners must be valid for at least 06 months
  • Passport is not torn or blurred numbers.
  • Visa approval letter to get Vietnam visa Ho Chi Minh airport.

What procedures do foreigners need to apply for Ho Chi Minh airport visa on arrival

  • Head to the Landing Visa counter
  • Present your passport
  • Present the approval letter (Copy version printed on A4 size paper)
  • Fill out the form as instructed by the Immigration Officer at the airport.
  • Pay Vietnam visa on arrival Ho Chi Minh airport fee as prescribed, 01-month visa type is $25 and 03-month type is $50. (Payment is Vietnam dong or USD)

Note: At Vietnamese international airport, foreigners must follow the instructions of immigration officers at the airport to make the visa application process favorable.

How to get VOA at Hanoi airport

The documents to be prepared are the same as above. 

At the airport, you come to the area called “Nơi cấp thị thực – Visa upon arrival”.  You fill in Form NA1 – Vietnamese visa application form with 3 x 4 cm photo, present original passport and a copy of the approval letter printed from email. 

At the counter to apply for a VOA visa, you pay the fee and receive Hanoi airport visa on arrival based on the type of visa. The fee for a visa can be paid in either VND or USD.

How to get VOA at Da nang airport

You find the way to “Visa On Arrival” counter. Here, you present:

  • Original passport (it must be valid for at least 6 months)
  • The approval letter 
  • 02 3×4 photos
  • NA1 form (can be prepared in advance or using the copy available at “Visa On Arrival” counter)

At the place of getting visa on arrival Da Nang airport, you present the above documents and declare personal information on NA1 form, pay the fee as prescribed. The customs office will stamp the Vietnam visa into your passport and you will be allowed to enter Vietnam.

In general, the visa Vietnam airport application procedure is not too complicated. It will take about 15 -30 minutes to complete.