How to fill out Vietnam E-visa application form

In another post, we have showed you Vietnam e-visa, a very convenient way to get a valid visa for Vietnam available for citizens of up to 81 countries up to now with an exact port of entry into Vietnam.

In order to get an evisa for Vietnam, the applicants are required to complete an online form (called Vietnam e-visa application form) with the Vietnam Immigration Department. Each form is for ONE adult applicant only (with accompanying children under 14 years old sharing his/her passport).

Here we will guide you through items that you need to provide to complete this full Vietnam e-visa application form online.

Guide to complete Vietnam evisa application form

Here are all the items that you need to complete in the form to apply for Vietnam e-visa online:

  • Upload: upload scans of your passport and e-visa photo (which are in .jpg format and should not exceed 2MB in size
  • Full name: this is to provide your full name exactly as shown on your passport.
  • Sex: select Male or Female as indicated.
  • Date of birth: This is to select your date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format, exactly as shown on passport in.
  • Current nationality: This is the nationality of the passport you are using to enter Vietnam.
  • Nationality at birth: This field is optional, and you can leave it blank.
  • Religion: This field is required but very easy to use. For Vietnam e-visa religion, you can fill out with your current religion (if any), or “NONE”.
  • Occupation: This This fill is optional, and you can leave it optional, and you can leave it blank.
  • Permanent residential address and Phone number: both fields are optional, and you can leave them blank or complete with your details.
  • Email: enter the email you often use to check the messages (if any).
  • Passport number: enter your exact passport number.
  • Type: select the type of passport, it’s normally “popular”.
  • Expiry date: Select the expiry date of passport, in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • Intended date of entry. Just select your intended date to enter Vietnam in DD/MM/YYYY format. Please remember that it can be a planned date, not the exact one, but you are required to enter on or later than that date. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter Vietnam with this evisa if granted.
  • Intended length of stay in Vietnam, in days. By default, it is 30 days, the maximum validity of an e-visa for Vietnam, but you can customize as per your plan. But we don’t recommend it as your plan can change and you may wish to stay in Vietnam longer than your plan. Just leave it 30 days as default.
  • Purpose of entry: Select the suitable one from the list. It is, by default, tourism.
  • Intended temporary residential address in Vietnam: the Vietnam e-visa temporary address is a required field, and you can provide the address of the first hotel in which you will stay when reaching Vietnam, or provide your expected friend’s or relative’s address.
  • City/Province: provide the city/province corresponding to your provided intended temporary residential address in Vietnam.
  • Inviting/guaranteeing agency/organization (if any): Just leave it blank if you have none.
  • Allowed to entry through checkpoint: select the port of entry. Be well planned before selecting as once your e-visa is issued, you cannot enter Vietnam via any other ports.
  • Exit through checkpoint: it is the same as port of entry. You just select one and make sure that you will leave Vietnam via such a checkpoint.

What to do after complete your Vietnam e-visa online form

After complete the form, just submit to the Vietnam Immigration Department, you will receive a Verification Code. You then make payment of the Vietnam evisa fees.

Don’t forget to save this code as later you will need to use this code for checking Vietnam evisa status and download your Vietnam evisa letter. No email sent from the system for this code so get it done by yourself.

After 3 working days, you can access the link check if your evisa application is approved. If yes, download and print it out for immigration customs.

Should you need further information, feel free to let us know.