If foreigners applying for Vietnam visa on arrival (Vietnam visa online), they need to have an entry letter (approval letter) issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department before entering Vietnam.

There is one more important document applicant need to show when they come to Vietnam, which is form NA1 – Vietnam visa application form.  This can be known as Vietnam entry and exit form as well. 

We will guide how to fill Vietnam visa application form (NA1).


Some basic sections of Vietnam visa application form

  • Section 1: The name of the applicant: Enter the name in uppercase, the same as on passport.
  • Section 2 through Section 12: Fill your personal information as normal.

Some section to note in Vietnam visa application form

  • Section 13: If you have previously been to Vietnam, then write down the most recent entry date. If you have never been to Vietnam, leave it blank.
  • Section 14: Write the expected date of entry or after the date of entry allowed in the official dispatch (depending on your schedule).
  • Section 15: Write the purpose of entry as Working, Tourism, Investment, Visiting (depending on the purpose of which the Vietnam visa document has been issued).
  • Section 16: Write the intended temporary residential address in Vietnam.
  • Section 17: Enter the name of the company, the address of the guaranteeing company (for foreigners coming to work or invest).
  • Section 19: Please pay special attention to tick the box of Multiple if the dispatch is written in Multiple, tick Single if the purpose is to enter once. “From date … to date …” specifies the time allowed in the official dispatch.

Note: Information can be filled in English or Vietnamese.

Attached documents to Vietnam visa application form 

  • 02 photos (4 × 6 cm)
  • Vietnam entry dispatch
  • The valid original passport at least 6 months

Notes for foreigners with children

For children under the age of 14, there is no need to have a separate Vietnam visa application form but still need to have 02 passport size photos and have to write the name, date of birth of the children in the parents’ visa application form. 

See full list of required documents to apply for a visa to Vietnam:

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