When traveling abroad, there are many cases of which the traveler’s passport is expired, lost or damaged right in the foreign country. Many applicants are quite worried in such a situation and do not know how to handle it.

Today, we will show you how to renew Vietnamese passport in Australia.

Conditions for obtaining a new passport when abroad

  • The passport applicant must be Vietnamese nationality. If an overseas Vietnamese has applied for renunciation of Vietnamese nationality or lost Vietnamese nationality, he or she will be refused renewing Vietnamese passport.
  • The old passport has expired (no longer valid). If the valid passport is lost, it is required to report to the police and the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Australia.

How to renew Vietnamese passport in Australia

In case of passport expired, you will follow the same procedure for application like the first time but the way of filling in the declaration is different. Specific instructions are shown below.

Step 1: Prepare the documents

  • 01 application form X02 filled in with all the details, except for item No. 11 “The latest issued passport number”, you fill in the information of your old passport and in No. 12 “Suggested content”, you fill in “Apply the second time”;

Note: If you omit these sections and complete the application as if you are applying for Vietnam passport for the first time, you will be penalized for fraud and difficulty in obtaining a new passport when the Embassy verifies your application.

  • 02 photos (size 4 x 6 cm), white background, straight face, bare head, without wearing glasses.
  • Submit one of the following papers (maybe the original or a copy enclosed with the original for comparison):
    • ID card
    • A birth certificate or driver’s license (issued by a competent Vietnamese state agency to the citizen and is still valid with all personal details and photos.)

In case you no longer remember the old passport number and date, you can make a declaration stating the other information (as detailed as possible) including the permanent or temporary address of residence in the country before departure, details of immigration documents (type of paper, issued date and issuing authority), relatives in Vietnam for the Embassy to send documents back to Vietnam for further verification.

Step 2: Submit documents (at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Australia).

Step 3: Get results (in person or by mail)

On the date of appointment, go to Consulate of Vietnam in Australia to get your passport or use the delivery service.

If you have any questions about the procedure for renewing Vietnamese passport in Australia, please contact the nearest Vietnamese diplomatic representative for more details.